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Founded in 1973, employees 141 people, of which: 31 senior titles, intermediate grade 16, 11 doctoral, master 32. Master Instructor qualifications obtained three people, doctoral tutor qualifications a person.
       Mainly engaged in significant and key technologies of agricultural production safety harmful organisms (pests grass rat, invasive species) sustainable control; environment-friendly and efficient, low toxicity pesticides and biological control research and development promotion; crop germplasm and varieties resistant to pests harmful to agriculture collection of biological resources, identification, preservation and innovative use; pesticide field efficacy evaluation, and pesticide residues bioassay studies.
       Built in Guangdong Province Key Laboratory of Plant Protection of new technologies, the Ministry of Agriculture Key Field Guangzhou Pest Observation Station, Guangdong Province, vegetable plant protection for pharmaceutical pilot plant (national sentinel), Guangdong Province, pollution-free vegetables engineering and technology research and development centers, Guangdong Province, the focus of research and lychee standardized production base, Guangzhou and safety of agricultural production engineering technology research center. Registered with the Ministry of Agriculture pesticide efficacy trials, the determination of pesticide residues qualifications, the Ministry of Agriculture, Guangdong Province, rice, vegetables and regional trials Identification designated units resistant to insect pests and learn how to protect plants in Guangdong Province affiliated units.
       For three decades, national, provincial (ministry) level science and technology achievement awards 155; won the national invention patents 9, published papers (book) 960 (book), a new pest resistant crop varieties bred 7, developed the "three card "25 pesticide products, achieve significant ecological, economic and social benefits. Ministry of Agriculture, "August" National research and development of agricultural research institutes to assess the overall strength of hundred Institute (seventh), ranked first in the national provincial counterparts. 2002 provincial assessment of public research institutes excellent. By the Guangdong provincial government to "civilization" and the provincial working committee "from 1995 to 2004, 10 consecutive years of civilization" title.
       Director: Tian Xingshan
       Branch secretary / Deputy Director: Feng Shaoguang
       Deputy Director: Feng Xia